A to Z List of Books I’ve Reviewed

Here are all the book reviews I’ve ever posted on this site, sorted alphabetically by author. I keep it updated as I post new reviews. Enjoy!

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Ackroyd, Peter: T.S. Eliot

Adiga, Aravind: The White Tiger

Adjei-Brenyah, Nana Kwame: Friday Black

Alanki, Ernest: The Chocolate Shop Perverts

Albert, Michael: Parecon: Life After Capitalism

Alexievich, Svetlana: Chernobyl Prayer

Ali, Monica: Brick Lane

Antic, Cedomir: The History of Serbia

Aridjis, Chloe: Book of Clouds

Arthur, Kevyn Alan: The View From Belmont

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Ballard, J.G.: Rushing to Paradise

Banks, Iain: The Steep Approach to Garbadale, Complicity

Banville, John: The Sea, Birchwood, Snow

Barbal, Maria: Stone in a Landslide

Barnes, Julian: The Sense of an Ending, The Porcupine

BBC: National Short Story Award anthology 2008

Beauman, Ned: Glow

Ben Hameda, Kamal: Under the Tripoli Sky

Bitmead, Luke: The Body is a Temple

Bolano, Roberto: The Savage Detectives

Bookchin, Murray: Social Ecology and Communalism

Borges, Jorge Luis: Collected Fictions, The Cruel Redeemer Lazarus Morell

Borges Polesso, Natalia: Amora

Boulton, Marjorie: The Anatomy of Prose

Bourne, Edmund J.: Global Shift

Bradbury, Malcolm: Doctor Criminale

Brande, Dorothea: Becoming a Writer

Brown, Andrew: Gustave Flaubert

Bryan, Beverley: The Heart of the Race

Bulawayo, NoViolet: We Need New Names

Bulgakov, Mikhail: The Master and Margarita

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Calvino, Italo: Invisible Cities, t zero, If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler, Mr Palomar

Carlson, Kristina: Mr Darwin’s Gardener

Carr, E.H.: What is History?

Casagrande, Orsola & Ra Page (ed.): The American Way: Stories of Invasion

Chandler, Robert (ed.): Russian Short Stories from Pushkin to Buida

Chevalier, Tracy: Remarkable Creatures

Cleave, Chris: Incendiary

Cohen, Robin: Global Diasporas: An Introduction

Cooke, Elizabeth: Rutherford Park

Crace, Jim: The Pesthouse

Crook, J.R.: Sleeping Patterns

Crooks, Jacqueline: Fire Rush

Crow, Matthew: Ashes

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Deen, Shulem: All Who Go Do Not Return

Delius, Friedrich Christian: Portrait of the Mother as a Young Woman

Diaz, Junot: The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

Didion, Joan: The Year of Magical Thinking

Dones, Elvira: Sworn Virgin

Dos Passos, John: Manhattan Transfer

Dostoevsky, Fyodor: The Gentle Spirit

Duffy, Carol Ann: The World’s Wife

Duffy, Sophie: The Generation Game

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Edugyan, Esi: Half Blood Blues

Emmins, Alan: Hounded: Stories From the American Road

Ewing, Eve: Electric Arches

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Fontaine, Theodor: Effi Briest

Ford, Don Henry Jr.: Ruminations from the Garden

Forna, Aminatta: Happiness

Forster, E.M.: Aspects of the Novel

Foulds, Adam: In the Wolf’s Mouth

French, Patrick: The World Is What It Is

Frey, James: A Million Little Pieces

Fritz, Marianne: The Weight of Things

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Gappah, Petina: An Elegy for Easterly

Goodman, Jordan: Paul Robeson: A Watched Man

Gorz, Andre: Letter to D

Grahame, Jennifer: Jacks Hill Road

Grossman, Vasily: Everything Flows

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Hall, Calvin S.: A Primer of Freudian Psychology

Hamid, Mohsin: The Last White Man

Harrold, Paula: Who Needs Paradise?

Healy, Dermot: Long Time, No See

Hemon, Aleksandar: Best European Fiction 2010 (ed.), The Lazarus Project, The Question of Bruno

Hesse, Hermann: Steppenwolf

Hewitt, James: Meditation

Higgerson, James: The Almost Lizard

Hollowell, Thomas: Allah’s Garden

Hotschnig, Alois: Maybe This Time

Hrabal, Bohumil: Too Loud a Solitude

Hubbard, L. Ron: The Iron Duke

Hughes, Ted: Crow

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Imoja, Nailah Folami: Pick of the Crop

Ishiguro, Kazuo: Nocturnes, The Unconsoled, An Artist of the Floating World, A Pale View of Hills

Ismailov, Hamid: The Dead Lake

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Jenny, Zoe: The Pollen Room

Jin, Ha: The Writer as Migrant

Jones, Reece: Violent Borders

Jung, Carl: The Undiscovered Self

Juul, Pia: The Murder of Halland

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Kassabova, Kapka: Border

Kassem, Fatma: Palestinian Women

Kawabata, Yasunari: The Sound of the Mountain

Kawakami, Mieko: Breasts and Eggs, Ms Ice Sandwich

Kazantzakis, Nikos: Freedom and Death

Khanna, Balraj: Indian Magic

Khalifa, Khaled: In Praise of Hatred

King, Stephen: On Writing

Klaces, Caleb: Bottled Air

Korneliussen, Niviaq: Crimson

Krall, Hanna: Chasing the King of Hearts

Krotoski, Aleks: Untangling the Web

Kundera, Milan: The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Identity

Kureishi, Hanif: The Buddha of Suburbia, Intimacy

Kushner, Rachel: The Flamethrowers

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Laing, R.D.: The Politics of Experience

Lamming, George: In the Castle of my Skin, The Pleasures of Exile

Laye, Camara: The Dark Child

Lentin, Alana & Gavan Titley: The Crises of Multiculturalism

Leopardi, Giacomo: Thoughts

Lessing, Doris: Prisons we Choose to Live Inside

Lewis, C.S.: Miracles

Littell, Jonathan: Syrian Notebooks

Lorchenkov, Vladimir: The Good Life Elsewhere

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McAfee, Annalena: Nightshade

McCarthy, Tom: C

McCaulay, Diana: Dog-Heart

McEwan, Ian: Saturday, Amsterdam

McIntosh, Phoebe: Dominoes

Macdonald, Helen: H is for Hawk

MacLeod, Alistair: The Vastness of the Dark (short story)

Madsen, Seraphina: Dodge and Burn

Maguire, Emily: An Isolated Incident

Makereti, Tina: The Imaginary Lives of James Poneke

Makine, Andreï: The Archipelago of Another Life (and follow-up post)

Malatesta, Errico: Anarchy

Manyika, Sarah Ladipo: In Dependence, Like a Mule Bringing Ice Cream to the Sun

Marquez, Gabriel Garcia: Bon Voyage, Mr President

Martel, Yann: Life of Pi

Maxwell, William: So Long, See You Tomorrow

Mersbergen, Jan van: Tomorrow Pamplona

Micros, Marianne: Eye

Millar, Martin: Lux the Poet

Mills, Sam: The Quiddity of Will Self

Miura, Shion: The Great Passage

Mullen, Bill & Christopher Vials: The U.S. Anti-Fascism Reader

Munkara, Marie: Of Ashes and Rivers That Run to the Sea

Mwanza Mujila, Fiston: Tram 83

Mullen, Bill & Christopher Vials: The U.S. Antifascism Reader

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Nelson, Alondra: The Social Life of DNA

Newland, Courttia: Music for the Off-Key

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Obioma, Chigozie: The Fishermen

Ogawa, Yoko: The Housekeeper and the Professor

Olmi, Veronique: Beside the Sea

O’Neill, Joseph: Netherland

Orwell, George: Homage to Catalonia

Ørstavik, Hanne: The Blue Room

Osunde, Eloghosa: Vagabonds!

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Parkes, Nii Ayikwei: Tale of the Blue Bird

Phillips, Caryl: Cambridge

Piggott, Mark: Out of Office, Fire Horses

Pinol, Alberto Sanchez: Pandora in the Congo

Platt, Lena & Daniel: The Ants Will Come and Tell Me

Politycki, Matthias: Next World Novella

Price, Andy: Recovering Bookchin

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none yet…

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Reinhold, Shola van: Lote

Riffice, John Philip: Dog and Butterfly

Roberts-Squires, Maria: October All Over

Roth, Joseph: The Radetzky March Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Rothman, Lorne: Southcrop Forest

Rowan Arts Project: Making Inroads

Roy, Arundhati: The Doctor and the Saint

Russell, Bertrand: The Problems of Philosophy

Rushdie, Salman: The Enchantress of Florence

Rutherford, Anna (ed.): Commonwealth Short Stories

Ryan, Donal: The Spinning Heart

Ryan, Orla: Chocolate Nations

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Sahlberg, Asko: The Brothers

Said, Edward: On Late Style

Salinger, J.D.: The Catcher in the Rye

Samarasan, Preeta: Evening is the Whole Day

Sammalkorpi, Virve: Children of the Cave

Saramago, Jose: Death at Intervals

Savva, Maria: A Time to Tell

Sebald, W.G.: Austerlitz

Segal, Lynne: Radical Happiness

Seiffert, Rachel: Afterwards

Shekhtman, Boris: How to Improve Your Foreign Language Immediately

Sherlock, Philip (ed.): West Indian Folk Tales

Shonagon, Sei: The Pillow Book

Simon, Claude: The Flanders Road

Smith, Ed: What Sport Tells Us About Life

Soll, Jacob: The Reckoning

Solomos, John: Race and Racism in Great Britain

Sorenson, John: About Canada: Animal Rights

Sorenson, Sharon: How to Write Short Stories

Sten, Viveca: In the Name of Truth

Swift, Graham: Last Orders

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Tabucchi, Antonio: Pereira Maintains

Theroux, Marcel: The Paperchase

Toews, Miriam: Irma Voth

Tolstoy, Leo: The Death of Ivan Ilyich

Tyler, Anne: Digging to America

Tzu-Ch’eng, Hung: A Chinese Garden of Serenity

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Vanderbeke, Birgit: The Mussel Feast

Velikic, Dragan: The Russian Window

Venkatesh, Sudhir: Floating City

Vlautin, Willy: Lean on Pete

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Wagner, Kim A.: Amritsar 1919

Walker, Alice: The Color Purple

Walsh, Barry: The Pimlico Kid, Danny Boy

Walther, Don: The Politicians

Weihe, Richard: Sea of Ink

West, Hilary: The Silk Peacock

Wheatle, Alex: Brenton Brown

Williams, Eric: Capitalism & Slavery

Winterson, Jeanette: Written on the Body

Wyld, Evie: All the Birds, Singing

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Ziervogel, Meike: Clara’s Daughter

Zukav, Gary: The Seat of the Soul

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