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A Virtual Love

Legend Press

For Jeff Brennan, juggling multiple identities is a way of life. Online he has dozens of different personalities and switches easily between them. Offline, he shows different faces to different people: the caring grandson, the angry eco-protester, the bored IT consultant.

So when the beautiful Marie mistakes him for a famous blogger, he thinks nothing of adding this new identity to his repertoire. But as they fall in love and start building a life together, Jeff is gradually forced into more and more desperate measures to maintain his new identity, and the boundaries between his carefully segregated personas begin to fray.

In a world where truth is a matter of perspective and identities are interchangeable, Jeff finds himself trapped in his own web of lies. How far will he go to maintain his secrets? And even if he wanted to turn back, would he be able to?

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On the Holloway Road cover image

On the Holloway Road

Legend Press

  • Winner, Luke Bitmead Writers’ Bursary
  • Shortlisted, Dundee International Book Prize

“A beautifully written story about friendship and the longing for adventure in an increasingly demystified world, and the eternal question of what life is all about.”
— Zoe Jenny, best-selling Swiss author of The Pollen Room.

“He writes beautifully, making the mundane extraordinary and the everyday fascinating.”
— Sam Mills, best-selling author.

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