A few updates

Well, it’s been a busy few days. First there was the launch party for A Virtual Love, which you can see pictures of here if you missed them before. Then the following things happened, in no particular order:

  • Got a wonderful review over on Tales from the Reading Room – “As a portrait of modern love it is quite unsettling, pointing to ever-growing questions about what remains most real and significant in our transient, illusory world”
  • Katy Guest, the literary editor of The Independent on Sunday, wrote a column about the ideas in my book
  • I was a featured author on the LibraryThing home page
  • Got a mention on Bloggers Recommend
  • Great review at We Love This Book: “Andrew Blackman’s second novel is a fine study of identity and deception at the point where the online and offline worlds intersect”
  • Brian at Babbling Books called the book “a thoughtful, artistic, entertaining and ultimately sad meditation upon the state of the world in the digital age”
  • The novel was featured in the April edition of Booktime Magazine
  • Well-known Caribbean writer Geoffrey Philp said “Andrew Blackman has written a remarkable novel, A Virtual Love, which explores the differences between actual and virtual personas (masks) in a digital age … A novel for anyone who loves to be seduced by characters whose desires are in conflict with a reality for which there is no Undo button.”
  • I was a guest on The Next Best Book Club‘s Audio Series, reading an extract of the novel, which you can listen to here
  • Manchester book blogger The Workshy Fop wrote an excellent review, bringing out the political dimensions of the book
  • Did a reading at Hornsey Library in north London, and got a few more events arranged for the rest of the month

I know that writers promoting their books are not always the most interesting people in the world, so fear not – I have also been reading some good books, and will share some reviews with you soon, as well as thoughts on things not related to A Virtual Love. But I know some people who follow me from afar  want to hear how things have been going.

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  1. Wonderful to read all the news about ‘A Virtual Love’, Andrew! Glad to know that you had a great launch party! Loved the pics! Nice to know that the first reviews are coming out and they are all positive. I am hoping that my copy of the book will reach me next week. I can’t wait to read it!

      1. The book arrived yesterday 🙂 I can’t wait to read it! I wish I had been able to come to the launch party. Maybe when your next book is launched I will plan a trip to London 🙂

        1. Hi Vishy

          I’m glad it arrived safely. Hey, that would be great if you could come to London next time. I’ll give you plenty of notice! Based on my first two books you should plan for some time in 2017, but I’m hoping it’ll be a little sooner than that 😉

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