I’ve been interviewed on a few book blogs lately, talking about my new novel A Virtual Love, and also my writing in general. If you’re interested, here are the links:

  • Manchester book blogger The Workshy Fop asked me about the political dimensions of the book, and about my views on blogging and internet culture
  • Ghanaian-born, South African-based book blogger Geosi did a wide-ranging interview on the book, my early career, what I learned from being a journalist, and whether I regret giving up a lucrative corporate banking career
  • Fellow writer Maria Savva interviewed me on her Goodreads blog, and is also running a giveaway: enter by 30th April to win a free signed copy of A Virtual Love

I have also written a couple of guest posts this week. On Amazon’s Kindle Post, I wrote about some of the plot devices that fiction writers are having to abandon due to technology, and on Write to Done, I wrote about my favourite piece of writing advice, and an often overlooked one: keeping a dream journal. And I’m due on The Undercover Soundtrack in a few days, talking about the musical influences behind A Virtual Love – and there’ll be another chance to win a signed copy there. So busy times!

Update: the Undercover Soundtrack post is now live: http://mymemoriesofafuturelife.com/2013/04/24/the-undercover-soundtrack-andrew-blackman-2/

The reviews are still coming in on book blogs and websites, but instead of posting about all of them, I’m adding them to a separate page on the site where I’m collecting all the reviews of A Virtual Love.

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  1. Repeating as said, loved the article about dreaming 🙂 What you’ve written about redundant plot devices is pretty scary really, I’ve been trying to think of how the replacements would work and can’t see how they would be half as gripping.

    1. Thanks Charlie – I’ve got so many of my ideas from dreams, and am surprised it’s not more widely touted with all the other ‘writing advice’.

      True re the plot devices – perhaps that’s why so many writers are doing historical novels!

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