A Virtual Love

Hmm, this site seems to have been on autopilot for a while now. What’s going on? Well a few things.

First, summer. It’s a fleeting thing in England, and you have to grab every sunny day you can get. I’ve been outside a lot, enjoying London. Now that I’m starting to hunker down for the long, dark winter, I’ll have more time to spend sitting in front of a computer.

Second, family. Visitations from abroad, summer holidays, outings, events. All good fun, especially as I lived across the ocean from my family for quite a few years.

Third, writing. Whenever people ask me how my next book is coming, I say “Almost finished”. I’ve been saying that for months now, and it’s been true every time. The last rewrites really are the hardest. Only about 5 or 10% of my book has changed at all in the last six months. But it’s a really important 5 or 10%, the 5 or 10% that wasn’t working before. I think it is now. There will be more changes, I’m sure, from agent and publisher. But I’m happy with it, anyway. Happy enough to talk about it on here for the first time, and even to share the title: A Virtual Love. You’ll hear more about it in the coming months I hope…

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