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The next big thing…

There was a thing going around on the internet late last year called The Next Big Thing, in which writers answered questions about their next books. I was kindly tagged not once but twice – by Ruth Dugdall and Marva Gregorio De Souza – but I am so absurdly late in answering that it’s probably called The Last Big Thing by now. In any case, here are my answers: What is the working title of your book? A Virtual Love. It’s out in April, and now has a cover design… Read More

A Virtual Love

Hmm, this site seems to have been on autopilot for a while now. What’s going on? Well a few things. First, summer. It’s a fleeting thing in England, and you have to grab every sunny day you can get. I’ve been outside a lot, enjoying London. Now that I’m starting to hunker down for the long, dark winter, I’ll have more time to spend sitting in front of a computer. Second, family. Visitations from abroad, summer holidays, outings, events. All good fun, especially as I lived across the ocean from… Read More