Do you want to write for me?

Update: My travels are now over, and I’m no longer looking for guest posts.

I’m going on a little trip around other islands of the Caribbean for a month or so in June and July, and am not sure whether I’ll be able to get online very often (or whether I’ll want to get online very often!).

So I had the idea of inviting you to contribute a guest post to this site while I’m away.

What’s in it for you? You get to write for a new audience, and potentially attract new readers for your own blog or website. OK, my site isn’t huge by any means, but I do get several thousand visitors a month, and if you write a good article, you could attract some of them.

What’s in it for me? I get to freshen up the content, give my readers a break from hearing my voice all the time, and give myself a break from writing posts while I’m on vacation.

Any topic is welcome, as long as it’s broadly within this site’s themes of reading and writing. Fellow book bloggers may want to contribute a book review; fellow writers could share some advice, experience or stories. Length is entirely up to you. If you can include pictures, so much the better, but it’s not a requirement.

If you’re interested, please email me at [email protected]. If you’re confident you’ve got something I’d love to publish, just send me the completed post. If you’d prefer to run your idea by me before you start writing, feel free to do that also. I’d like to receive all the completed posts by 9th June, to give me time to schedule them before I leave.

Look forward to hearing from you! If you know someone else who might be interested, feel free to share this with friends and followers.

6 thoughts on “Do you want to write for me?

  1. The challenge of writing something good for another person’s site interests me, however I’ve no idea of topic so I’ll have a read through older posts that I missed and will email you if I can think of something appropriate.

    1. Hi Charlie
      Am just getting to this comment, but all I can say is that you rose to the challenge! Loved your post, and I think it’ll be a popular one. I emailed you about it to sort out a few details. Thanks for the contribution!

  2. Have a nice holiday!

    Thanks for asking us to write something for your site but I won’t have time to do it.

    However, if you desperatly need updates and don’t have time to write, you can always use the “reblog” button on my blog. (if one of my billets is suitable for this)

    1. Thanks Emma! No problem if you don’t have time. I couldn’t see a “reblog” button on your site – I think that may only be a function for users, whereas I’m on, which works a little differently. In any case, I’m looking for something that is written only for this site. One of your billets would be perfect if you’d write one just for me, but I understand the lack of time 🙂 I’ve got a good post already and a couple of maybes, so I should be OK.

  3. Hey Andrew,
    I just read this post. This is fun! You take your vacation and let other people post haha. I am looking forward to reading them! Have a nice trip!

    1. Hi Yimian,
      Yeah, it’s a good arrangement! If I could just get other people to write my novels for me as well, then I could travel permanently 🙂

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