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The new design has landed

Welcome to my new website. After a lot of work, I’m finally up and running with the new design. I’ve still got to do a few tweaks, like uploading a new photo on the home page, but it’s more or less done. In the new design, I’ve dedicated the front page to explaining who I am to people who don’t know me, so the blog now appears on a separate page. If you rely on a bookmark, please update it to Things like RSS feeds and email subscriptions won’t be… Read More

Pardon my appearance…

New year, new website. I’m giving the design and layout a long-overdue overhaul, as well as making the site a bit more friendly for those of you using mobiles and tablets. So things may look a little strange while I work on it, but should look better soon!

How much would you pay for a short story?

Quick question for you. I’m thinking of making some of my short stories available for download from this site, but am not sure how much to charge for them. So I’ve set up a quick poll, below. I’d really appreciate your vote (oh dear, I sound like a politician). Seriously, though, it would help, and please be honest. If you wouldn’t be interested or don’t think it’s worth paying for, just say so. The results are anonymous 😉 What I’m thinking of is a pdf document that you’d download after… Read More

What would you like to see?

I’ve been making some changes to this website recently. New Year, fresh start. What do you think of the new look? Please be honest, because I’m still working on it and can make changes. Is there anything that’s hard to find? Anything that looks ugly or doesn’t seem to work on your computer? Please write a comment below, and if it’s within my technical capabilities I’ll add it in the next round of changes. As well as that, I’d like your views on the content of the site. I know,… Read More

Google Adwords?

I got a voucher recently for £75 of free advertising on Google Adwords. I wasn’t really planning to use it, because I think Adwords is quite expensive for someone like me. I don’t exactly do a “hard sell” on this website, so even if I get extra traffic, probably only a small percentage would actually buy my book. I can’t really see how I’d make back my money (apart from of course during the free period, which only lasts a few weeks). But I just thought I’d ask if anyone… Read More

After 11 months in front of a computer screen, I am taking some time off. Many thanks for all your wonderful, thought-provoking comments over the year, and wishing you all a happy holiday season and a great 2010. See you next year!!