I just wrote a quick post for OZY Books highlighting 10 innovative small publishers from Australia to Brooklyn that are worth watching. innovative small publishers to watch in 2018

There are always plenty of others you can add to lists like this, of course, so please let me know your recommendations, either here or in the comments on the OZY article.

(Fair warning: they use Facebook for the comments, which I hated even before the recent scandals and would never recommend using. This LRB article from last year really shows the degree of surveillance that goes on at Facebook, not as part of data breaches but as a normal business practice.)

As a side note, Emma of Book Around the Corner observed on my recent perfectionism post that one of the benefits of blogging is the “incredible connections to likeminded people around the world”. This article at OZY came about because of one of those connections, with the novelist Sarah Ladipo Manyika, whom I’ve never met in real life but have had an online friendship with ever since I blogged about her debut novel on here almost a decade ago.

And just before I received her email asking me to write for Ozy, I had been making plans for 2018 and thinking that I really wanted to write more book-related articles for other publications this year. Funny how these things work out.

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