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Dog and Butterfly

Tolstoy famously wrote that “All happy families are alike”, but John Philip Riffice’s novel Dog and Butterfly proves that all good rules also have their exceptions. It’s a novel about a family that is, in general, very happy. The love between Jimmy and his mother and his Uncle Cam is tangible from the first page to the last. And yet it’s a very distinct, interesting family, with a story that’s worth telling. I think it’s much harder to write a book like this. Fiction tends to feed on conflict, and as… Read More

The Rag

I like literary magazines. I read a lot of them, although I don’t review them on here too often. I just read a new one called The Rag (well it’s new to me, but this is Issue 5 so I assume it’s been around for at least a year or two). I like reading literary magazines because of the variety of stories and styles you tend to get, especially with newer ones. Sometimes with the more established magazines you can start to recognize a certain type of story that they… Read More