Date Archives February 2015

The Chocolate Shop Perverts by Ernest Alanki

Outsiders make great literary characters. Their otherness makes them naturally interesting characters, and it’s also fascinating to see “normal” people and social conventions through their eyes, shining a fresh light on things that usually seem very familiar. Also, don’t we all feel like outsiders sometimes? I know I do, and always have. And I’ve sometimes been surprised to hear people who I thought were very gregarious and well-adjusted admit to feeling the same thing, at least on occasions. So literary outsiders give us someone to root for, and perhaps in a perverse… Read More

The new design has landed

Welcome to my new website. After a lot of work, I’m finally up and running with the new design. I’ve still got to do a few tweaks, like uploading a new photo on the home page, but it’s more or less done. In the new design, I’ve dedicated the front page to explaining who I am to people who don’t know me, so the blog now appears on a separate page. If you rely on a bookmark, please update it to Things like RSS feeds and email subscriptions won’t be… Read More