Interview with a writer (and his cat): James Higgerson

Check out this short interview I recorded the other day with James Higgerson, Manchester-based author of The Almost Lizard. In the interview, James tells us how he wrote the novel, what he wanted to communicate, and what most surprised him about getting published. He also gives us a sneak preview of his next novel, Kid Gloves, inspired by Britain’s tabloid-fuelled obsession with child protection.

And watch out for some unscheduled guest appearances by his cat, Omar…

For more information about The Almost Lizard, you can:

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There are 2 comments

  1. Thanks for posting this Andrew, it was nice to hear both of you. When he talked about manipulation I was thinking of A Virtual Love and how the main character did that too.
    I wish he’d let the cat say hi, it was really funny watching it trying to get in front of the camera.

    1. Yes, lots of manipulation! Does that say something about the state of contemporary Britain, I wonder…

      Omar stole the show a little bit, didn’t he, as cats tend to do 🙂

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