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Of gospels and spoilers

Just had a couple of things published. First of all, a book review I wrote for Switchback, a literary journal produced by the University of San Francisco. I reviewed Courttia Newland’s new novel, The Gospel According to Cane, which is about a mother whose baby is kidnapped from a parked car, and what happens when a man turns up two decades later claiming to be her long-lost son. Click here to read the review. I’m also guest posting on Read.Learn.Write, arguing that book bloggers and reviewers spend far too much… Read More

The Moby Dick Big Read

Has anyone else been taking part in the Moby Dick Big Read? I have, and I’ve been enjoying it. The idea is to listen to a chapter a day of Herman Melville’s whaling epic Moby Dick, using the free audio files provided at this website. They’ve been posting up a new chapter every day since September last year, each one read by a different person. Some readers are local volunteers; others are famous, like Stephen Fry, David Cameron and Will Self. There’s also a visual element: each chapter has a… Read More

The next big thing…

There was a thing going around on the internet late last year called The Next Big Thing, in which writers answered questions about their next books. I was kindly tagged not once but twice – by Ruth Dugdall and Marva Gregorio De Souza – but I am so absurdly late in answering that it’s probably called The Last Big Thing by now. In any case, here are my answers: What is the working title of your book? A Virtual Love. It’s out in April, and now has a cover design… Read More