Date Archives January 2013

Of gospels and spoilers

Just had a couple of things published. First of all, a book review I wrote for Switchback, a literary journal produced by the University of San Francisco. I reviewed Courttia Newland’s new novel, The Gospel According to Cane, which is about a mother whose baby is kidnapped from a parked car, and what happens when a man turns up two… Read More

The Moby Dick Big Read

Has anyone else been taking part in the Moby Dick Big Read? I have, and I’ve been enjoying it. The idea is to listen to a chapter a day of Herman Melville’s whaling epic Moby Dick, using the free audio files provided at this website. They’ve been posting up a new chapter every day since September last year, each one… Read More

The next big thing…

There was a thing going around on the internet late last year called The Next Big Thing, in which writers answered questions about their next books. I was kindly tagged not once but twice – by Ruth Dugdall and Marva Gregorio De Souza – but I am so absurdly late in answering that it’s probably called The Last Big Thing… Read More