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I’ve been busy writing this week and haven’t been online much, so it was great to see that I was featured on a couple of other sites while I wasn’t looking! They’re both things I knew about and had participated in, but wasn’t sure when they’d come out, so it was a nice surprise.

First there’s a Q&A with me on Negative Press, the publisher of a short story collection I’m featured in. The collection is called Still, and features some great writers like Evie Wyld, Richard Beard and Preeta Samarasan – full list here. In the Q&A I talk a bit about the writing of the short story, as well as more general things like my motivation for writing and how I come up with ideas.

Secondly, there’s a dissection of my short story Nights on Fair Isle, which was published recently on Solqu Shorts. I mentioned at the time that it was the first time a story of mine had been available free online, and already I see the benefit – Brandon Monk at Read.Learn.Write decided to analyse the story using a worksheet he created based on Joe Bunting‘s book Let’s Write a Short Story. Because the story’s available to everyone, it enables it to be used in this way, which wouldn’t be possible in the more usual magazine/book format. Maybe I’ll try to get more stories published this way. Anyway, you can read the analysis here.

Update: Nights on Fair Isle has also been reviewed over on Whispering Gums.

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