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guitarI am excited to see my guest post on The Undercover Soundtrack go live today. Novelist Roz Morris hosts a weekly series in which she asks other writers to talk about using music as part of the creative process.

In the post, I talk about the creation of On the Holloway Road in more depth than I think I ever have on this site. That’s quite shocking, since I’ve been blogging for the full three years since it came out, and haven’t written much at all about the writing of it. I guess that sometimes I don’t think a writer talking about his writing is very interesting, and so I spend more time reviewing other people’s books instead. But when someone else asks me to talk about my writing process, that’s different – I can do that. Does that make any sense?

Anyway, please head over to Roz’s site, and leave a comment – I’d be interested to hear what you think! It’s my first ever guest post, so I’m hoping people like it.

If you’re new to my site, click here to read more about On the Holloway Road.

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There are 7 comments

  1. Andrew, it was a pleasure to host you. And I’m all the more honoured that this is the first time you’ve whipped the covers off the novel. I’ll never think of some of those music tracks the same way again.

    1. Thanks Roz! I enjoyed writing it, and thanks again for the opportunity. I’ve spoken about the writing of the novel quite a bit in talks and interviews, etc., but not so much on my blog. It’s been interesting to reflect on that. I think I need to whip the covers off a bit more often, really. I am a natural introvert, so not really comfortable with talking about myself in front of the world. Add in a dose of negative self-image, thinking other people wouldn’t be interested, and that probably explains it. I shall try harder, though. Thanks for getting me started!

  2. I liked reading this guest post. Everything I write is triggered by music, it’s one of the greates inspirations and photos occasionally.
    The soundtrack you mention goes well with the book.

    1. Thanks Caroline! I think you’re right about music. One of the galling things about being a writer is the knowledge that things which appeal directly to the senses are so much more powerful than words. Music appeals to the ear, art to the eye, and movies to both. Even a particular scent can often convey more than a thousand words. I think writing is always trying to make up for that lack of direct sensory access. Of course its advantage is in the ability to communicate much more complex ideas. But it’s indirect, mediated. So I think in turning to music, I was trying to channel some of that inspiration into my words, in the hope of capturing a small portion of its power. Glad you enjoyed the post!

  3. I liked your first guest post, Andrew. Of course, you make sense about a writer not talking more about his writing as a blogger. I enjoyed reading the post though!

    1. Thanks Geosi! I plan to talk a bit more about my writing on here – you have been warned 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed reading the guest post. I have another one up today on a different site – busy week for me!

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