RIP Brian Haw

Was saddened this week to hear of the death of peace activist Brian Haw. There are not too many people in these times who live completely honest lives. We may have our opinions about the way we’d like things to be, but we hide them, or express them timidly.

Rather than speaking generally, let me be specific. I am ashamed of hiding my opinions, or only expressing them timidly. I am ashamed that, although I opposed the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, I merely went on a few marches, and then, when the government ignored us, as it will always ignore any protest so polite, I shrugged my shoulders with everyone else and went back to work, feeling as if I had done all I could.

Brian Haw did not give up. He felt a personal responsibility for the slaughter being carried out, and although he failed to stop it, it can truly be said of him that he did everything he could. The photo of him above seems to me to illustrate the only humane response to the insanity we are living through.

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