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More rumours…

Following on from my last post, I was amazed to hear that bookshop behemoth Barnes & Noble is now up for sale. If even they can’t make money, how do the smaller guys stand a chance? Or maybe, as the bookshop owners argued, they offer a different service and cater to a different market anyway. Perhaps clearing away some of… Read More

Rumours of the death of bookshops

I got depressed about bookshops recently. A great little London literary magazine, Smoke, has just published its last issue. The editor/founder Matt Haynes explained: Of the hundred-odd shops that stocked our early issues, well over half have now closed. And when Borders ceased trading just before Christmas, we lost not only more than 25% of our sales overnight, but also… Read More


Just wanted to share the exciting news that one of my regular readers, Michelle Davidson Argyle (aka Lady Glamis) has just published her first book. I haven’t read it yet, but the extracts I’ve seen were very intriguing. It’s the story of what happens after the “happily ever after” that we’re all so familiar with in the Cinderella story. Nice… Read More