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hornseylibraryThanks to the kind prompting from May, I am finally getting around to writing about my talk and book signing at Hornsey Library last week. Even though it was my local library, I was a bit worried about how many people would turn up to an event for a little-known first-time author, so I was delighted to see all the seats filled. There was even somebody there from Prospero’s Books, the local independent bookshop that’s been really supportive of me and my book from the beginning. If you’re in north London any time, stop in there – it’s a good old-fashioned place, small but with a surprisingly good selection, and staff who actually appear to like and be knowledgeable about books.

Anyway, I spoke for 10 or 15 minutes, then read an extract from the book, and then there was a horrible few moments when I stopped for questions and nobody seemed to want to ask anything at all! But then somebody asked about how I researched the book, and after that the questions flowed for what seemed like a long time – maybe half an hour? Good, interesting questions, especially considering that many of them hadn’t read the book and were just going on my talk and the short extract. It all went well, and all the copies my publisher brought with him were snapped up. There was even this really nice guy who bought five copies to give to friends – there weren’t enough on the night, so I’m going to stop by at Legend Press today and sign them so that they can send them to him.

If you’re one of the people who came, thanks very much, and I’d love to hear your perspective on it. It seemed to go really well from my point of view, but you never know! Thanks to Wendy at the library and Lauren, Tom and Lucy at Legend Press for making the arrangements.

For those of you from further afield, dont’ worry – normal service will be resumed soon, i.e. book reviews! I have finished Kazuo Ishiguro’s Nocturnes and Zoe Jenny’s The Pollen Room, and plan to post reviews in the next few days.

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  1. Andrew I have been thinking about your book but I absolutely hated Kerouc’s and I am wondering if you think, that being the case, if I would like yours. How different is it?

  2. Hi Candy
    There are clear references to Kerouac in my book, but the style and story are quite different. I’ve heard from people who hated Kerouac’s book but liked mine (I’m sure, to be fair, that there are plenty of people with the reverse opinion as well, but they’ve been kind enough not to get in touch!). Clearly I’m a little bit biased, so I’m not sure my opinion is worth very much, but if you’d like to get an idea of what it’s like for yourself, you can read the first chapter free on my publisher’s website:


    That should give you a good idea of what’s in store. It’s an old, pre-edit version, but it’s not too different from the final one. Thanks for your interest!

    Hi Lady Glamis, thanks for stopping by. I suppose your excuse for missing the event is acceptable 🙂 Re: ordering a copy – hey, thanks very much! I will be the first to order a copy of Monarch when it appears on the shelves. With your plan to quit the internet for a week every month, you should motor through the rest of the editing in no time!

  3. @London Tonight
    Thanks for asking! If you live in the UK, you can get it from your local bookshop – it’s being stocked by the chains like Waterstone’s and Borders as well as a variety of independent bookshops. Otherwise you can get it online at Amazon or another site like that. There’s a link to the book’s Amazon page in the sidebar of this site.

  4. Should I ever attend a book signing (not likely), I wouldn’t know what to ask. I mean, the book speaks by itself. But perhaps I would go just to see what kind of people are those who attend book signings, including the writer himself.

  5. @Candy Schultz
    I HATED Kerouac’s as well. It just made me crazy!!! I was a little afraid of On the Holloway Road because of the reference to Kerouac, but it is a very very different book. Well … I guess the characters’ quest is similar, but the style of the book, the issues explored and the conclusion is quite different.

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