Date Archives April 2010

Master the Shorts

Lady Glamis just wrote a great series on short story writing. It includes a useful list of markets to submit to, loads of good advice, and also a short story contest. So if you have a story to submit, do send it in for the contest – prize is $50 plus a full critique and publication on the blog. If… Read More

British election: Obama vs. Obama vs. Obama

So we finally have a date for the General Election. Gordon Brown met with the Queen the other day and asked her to dissolve Parliament for an election on 6th May. Since the date was announced, all three parties have swung into action, and it’s amazing that all three leaders sound exactly like Barack Obama. Hope and change are high… Read More

New feature

OK, it’s not much, but I’ve finally figured out how to add the names of the authors I’ve reviewed down the side of the page. So, if you’re interested in who I’ve been reading and reviewing in the past year or so, you can scroll down on the right and see the full list, which will now update with each… Read More

“Aspects of the Novel” by E.M. Forster

I read this book a couple of years ago now, before I had this blog. As I was clearing out stuff this weekend I came across my handwritten notes, stuffed into the bottom of a box where I would never have read them again. This is why I started blogging. I’m typing the notes up so that I have a… Read More