Congratulations, Julian Barnes!

So he won his Booker after all, the man who’s been shortlisted three times but never won before, and who once famously referred to the prize as “posh bingo”.

To be honest I’m a bit sick of the Booker by now – there seems to have been more publicity about it than usual, or maybe I’ve just been paying more attention than usual. But I’m very glad that Julian Barnes won the prize – well-deserved for an excellent novel, which I reviewed here.

Update: I posted a new post giving an explanation of The Sense of an Ending.

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  1. Ah I’m glad he won – he should have got it for Flaubert’s Parrot years ago, but I guess like the Oscars, it’s his turn now.

  2. He should win with Arthur and George I found this one ok and must admit u thought about it a bit since I read it was best of three I d read from shortlist all the best stu

  3. Congratulations Julian Barnes! Glad to know that he got fourth time lucky! Now he should win the Nobel 🙂

    I loved your review of Barnes’ book. I need to read it now.

  4. Yes, he seems to be a popular winner! I do wonder if being overlooked in the past helped his chances this time. Still, as I said, thought it was fully deserved on the merits of this book, regardless of the past. Thanks for the comments!

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