UK short story magazines

Well, I’m back – finally! The snow and ice here in England delayed my return, so my four-week holiday turned into five. I am now relaxed and even a little tanned, and trying to hold onto both for as long as possible. More about my holiday later, but I wanted to start the new year by thanking Tania Hershman for providing this excellent list of UK and Irish lit mags. I plan to subscribe to several of them, and also submit some short stories I’ve been hoarding for a while.

Happy New Year everyone! What have you been up to lately?

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  1. Glad to have you back in bloggerspace. I recently started writing more about myself, parts of my identity that I had been hiding. In between all of that I stopped by here one day and saw your quote from Maya Angelou – it was just what I needed to settle my fears on writing more deeply about my personal experiences. So…thank you very much! – G

  2. Thank you both! Glad that quote helped, Georgina – it’s certainly worked for me too. I will have to catch up on your posts – sounds interesting!

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