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Still reading…

Despite appearances, I have not been promoting myself 24 hours a day 🙂 I finished The Enchantress of Florence by Salman Rushdie and have started Savage Detectives by Roberto Bolano. Just don’t seem to have any spare time to do book reviews and have developed a bit of a backlog. Don’t worry, it’s not as painful as it sounds. I… Read More

Radio interview

I was interviewed by Jo Thoenes on BBC Oxford yesterday. I had done radio and TV a few times when I was at the Wall Street Journal, but it was different talking about myself. I was a lot more nervous and didn’t know what I would say. Still, it worked out really well. For the next week you can listen… Read More

Sheer egoism

Yes, I went around bookshops looking for my book on the shelves. And I started taking photos of it… OK, so it’s not very cool. It’s not something I could picture Salman Rushdie or Iam McEwan doing. But I enjoyed it!

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