We could take a train, be miles away by morning…

There was a song that Genie and I used to listen to in our early days together, as we drove around America getting to know both the country and each other. The lyrics went:

We could take a train, be miles away by morning,
And forget about those things we’re supposed to do.

At the time, we never could just take a train. We always had to be back in the office on Monday morning, doing those things we were supposed to do. But we always dreamed of doing it one day. As the song says later on, “I don’t care if we don’t ever make a million, we just gotta find another way to live.”

Well, tomorrow morning we are finally doing it, kind of, sort of, in a way. Life is rarely as romantic as art, so instead of taking a train we are taking an Easyjet flight. But it is a one-way ticket, and that feels quite exciting. We are leaving London and heading to Crete, with the idea of driving around and staying on people’s couches and looking for a nice place to live, somewhere quiet and beautiful and warmer and more affordable than London. We have an image of sunny skies and clear blue water and a balcony with a view. Whether all that will align with more practical things like budget constraints remains to be seen, but we are excited about finding out.

It’s been a busy few months with the book coming out and various other things going on, so I am looking forward to forgetting about all the things I’m supposed to do, for a while at least. Reality will reassert itself quite quickly, in the form of money running out and more freelance work needing to be found (if you know of anyone who needs a writer or editor, please direct them to my “Hire Me” page!). But for now, I am forgetting about everything and just getting on the plane.

So you won’t see me around on here or on Twitter or anywhere else online for a few weeks. When I pop up again, I hope it will be from a new location, with warmth and sunlight all around, and a beach not too far away.

In the meantime, have a listen to that song:

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    1. Thanks Charlie! It certainly does for me, because of where I am in my life right now. London can be a great place for people who want something different, but I think the lifestyle in Crete suits me a lot more!

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