On the wall at Foyles

'Male Artists’ Dressing Room (Clock)' from 'STILL' by Roelof Bakker
‘Male Artists’ Dressing Room (Clock)’ from ‘STILL’ by Roelof Bakker

An interesting thing happened to me this week. I ended up being featured in a photography exhibition at Foyles bookshop in central London. Before you ask – no, I haven’t suddenly developed a talent for the visual arts. I remain, as I always have been, pretty much visually illiterate.

It’s actually one of my short stories that’s being hung on the wall, or at least an extract from it. It’s part of the photography/writing collaboration that I’ve written about on here before. The literary art book, Still, is being launched next week, and to coincide with it there is an exhibition at Foyles, running from now until 30th October.

It’s a shame that I’m out of the country, and can’t see it for myself. If you’re in London and happen to be passing Charing Cross Road, please drop in and take a look. It’s a free exhibition. If you do, I’d love it if you could take a snap of my story on your phone and send it to me. Would be great to see how it looks!

If you’d like to know more, here’s a guest post I wrote yesterday on the website of Negative Press, the publisher of the literary art book.

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