Great review for On the Holloway Road

Nivedita Barve has just posted a really insightful review of On the Holloway Roadclick here to read it. And I don’t call it insightful only because it’s positive 🙂  She describes the book well, and makes some very interesting points about the characters and themes. I really like the way she describes the tension between the way Jack and Neil are portrayed in the book and how she as a reader reacted to them.

Neil is idolized by Jack and everyone around him, while Jack speaks of himself in a less flattering manner. But as a reader we do not see Neil in the same shining light; we can see his weaknesses, and it is Jack who we really root for. This is a very finely developed aspect of the novel.

Most of a book’s reviews come pretty soon after publication, so it’s particularly gratifying to read one more than three years later. And, while I have nothing against my north London readers, it’s great to think of my book being read and reviewed as far away as India!

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  1. Andrew,
    It was such a pleasure to read your novel. I really loved your writing style. Now I am eager to read your next one!
    Best Wishes!

  2. It’s one of the great thing blogs do, I think, extend the publicity life of a novel and bring it back into view of the reading public. How lovely to get a good review!

    1. It’s true – before the internet, a book was more or less dead if it didn’t get attention early on. Now, there’s always a chance to reach more readers. Plus it’s great to hear reactions from more readers – before it was only professional reviewers who had a say.

    1. Hi Geosi
      Thanks, I’m glad you liked it. Yes, it’s great to reach people who would never have heard of me before the internet. It’s also interesting to see how people in other countries react to it, because I’d written it with primarily a UK audience in mind. Reminds me that the most important things in a book are not the detailed references, which an overseas audience might miss, but the overall themes, which are quite universal. Thanks for stopping by!

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