On the Holloway Road – free sample

On the Holloway Road cover imageMy publisher, Legend Press, is offering a free sample of the first two chapters of On the Holloway Road as a special Christmas giveaway. Click here to access it – not sure how long it’ll be available.

Merry Christmas to all my readers, and thanks for all the wonderful comments over the year – it’s been great getting to know you! I haven’t been online much for the last couple of months as I’ve been busy with other things, but will return in 2012 with a new look for the blog and a few exciting pieces of news…

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  1. Hello Andrew, A Merry Christmas to you. I’m looking forward to your news, I hope it’s a new book.
    I wish you success with it and am looking forward to reading it.
    I have read On the Holloway Road this summer, right about the time when Emma reviewed it. I couldn’t review it as it was too personal for me. It’s maybe once every five yers that a book moves me to tears. Yours did. I think I’ll mention you as “Book I spoke about the most” in my end year list.

  2. Hello Andrew,

    I hope your Christmas day was a happy one.

    I really liked On the Holloway Road and I’m looking forward to your new book.

    I’ll follow your reviews in 2012.

  3. Hi everyone, and a Happy New Year to you all! Thanks for the lovely comments. Wow, Caroline, I had no idea you had read the book and that it moved you so much. That means a lot to me, especially considering how many excellent books you read and write about. Delia, Nivedita, Emma, thanks for the comments, and hope you are all doing well. I have not been online much, but very much enjoy reading all of your blogs and will catch up with you soon! All the best for 2012!

  4. Fantastic review and reflection of “On the Holloway Road”. Happy New Year you too. I just surprised to read a bit impression about this book. Hope I have found it in my hand in some of days. Thanks! 😉

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