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I haven’t done much writing this week. I’ve been helping my wife launch her new photography website, fotodisiac. I have learned more about CSS, mySQL databases, wp-config files and the like than I ever wanted to! Anyway it is finally up and running now, and to celebrate, she is giving away a book, Tom Ang’s How to Photograph Absolutely Everything…. Read More

“Social Ecology and Communalism” by Murray Bookchin

This book is a good, short introduction to the ideas of Murray Bookchin. He draws on anarchist and socialist thought to come up with a model of social organisation that will be more fair not only to humans but also to the planet. Bookchin’s thesis is that capitalism has reached crisis point, both socially and ecologically, and new modes of… Read More

10 hours to live – please act now!

Troy Davis is almost certainly innocent, but he is still scheduled to be executed at 7pm EST today (midnight UK time). There is no physical evidence against him – he was convicted of murder purely on the testimony of witnesses, seven of whom have since recanted their testimony. Several said they were coerced by police into testifying. Nine people have… Read More

“The Sense of an Ending” by Julian Barnes

Update: In response to some of the comments on this review, I have written a newer post that explains the ending. I bought a signed copy at Highgate Bookshop, took it home and read it from cover to cover without stopping. That’s partly because it’s a short book (150 pages, with fairly large type and liberal use of white space)… Read More

New review for On the Holloway Road

On the Holloway Road picked up a good review from Emma over at Book Around the Corner yesterday. I don’t normally tell you about every review, but I wanted to highlight this one particularly because of a beautiful description of my main characters, Jack and Neil. Emma compares them to Sal and Dean in Kerouac’s On the Road, who she… Read More


I love lists. So many books, so many thoughts and ideas condensed into a single, well-ordered list. I came across a good one over the summer, listing the top 105 works of 20th century Arabic literature. Wanted to link to it to remind myself where it is, and also because I thought it might be interesting for some of you… Read More

“Maybe This Time” by Alois Hotschnig

I found Maybe This Time a very unsettling collection of short stories. I mean that in a good way. Being unsettled is often the prelude to thinking about things in a new way, and to me that’s one of the most important functions of literature. The stories are very varied in style and content, but many of them deal with… Read More