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How not to check email

I use Gmail for my personal email, and recently installed a new feature called “Priority Inbox”, which automatically sorts out your important email and puts it at the top of your screen, while leaving the less important stuff lower down. Great! I always seem to be drowning in email, so this seemed like a good way to sort out the problem. Trouble is, after I installed it, my inbox was upside-down. All the important stuff was stuck down at the bottom, while the forwarded jokes and cat photos were all… Read More

Monday morning inspiration

“The author’s task is to synchronize thoughts, images, raw creative material in a meaningful way, a task as difficult and frantic and joyful as herding cats.” —Brandon Dorn

Monday morning inspiration

“Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, there is no such thing. Making your unknown known is the important thing.” —Georgia O’Keefe (via Crazyhorse Journal)

Life is too sweet to waste on self propaganda

Came across a good little article in the LA Times on author self-promotion. It seems that a letter from Jack Kerouac has just turned up at a literary auction, and it bears an interesting quote: I can just see the shabby literary man carrying a “bulging briefcase” rushing from one campus to another, one lecture club to another, nodding confirmation with his hosts that he is right, hurrying to the next town … a whole gray career of proving himself to others, to as many as can hear him, that… Read More

Monday morning inspiration

“I believe in words. I believe that words are little gods. I believe that books are bibles.” —Marcel Pomerlo (via Crazyhorse Journal)