The ingredients of success

In my meanderings across the internet I just came across a great post on the nature of success and the influence of practice and external circumstances in achieving it. I’d recommend it – and also wanted to link to it for my own benefit so I can find it again! (am I the only person who bookmarks things obsessively and then never visits the bookmarked pages ever again??)

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  1. That is a very interesting post! I haven’t read ‘Outliers’ yet but I really enjoyed ‘Blink’. My sister-in-law recommended ‘Outliers’ to me a few months ago – and posed the question reputedly from an IQ test which Gladwell references in the book: “‘Teeth’ is to ‘hen’, as ‘nest’ is to?”

  2. Hi Helen, Do I still have a high IQ if I used Google to find the answer? I mean, that must count for something, surely?…

    Hi Michelle, glad to hear I’m not the only one. The thing is, I’ve cleaned out the list before, and then I just keep adding to it again and still not revisiting the sites!

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