Spiritual soul

I’d love to soar… over the land
Like an eagle, high above
Just soaring
From the mouth
of Pine Lick Creek
to the top of the hills
Where the Bee Ridge ends
Let my soul drift to painless places
And have all the ones I love in my heart
And wandering soul
Soaring with me
All the times I wish…
Just let my soul orbit around
All good and peaceful places
Like fog that hangs over
A body of water
Great waters…
Great, peaceful waters…

Written by Steve Henley on Death Row, before he was killed by the state of Tennessee on 4 February 2009. He took 14 minutes to die. As his family watched and recited the Lord’s Prayer, his face turned blue, then purple, before he was finally pronounced dead. Many people would say justice was done. Doesn’t feel that way to me, though.

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  1. Andrew I would recommend Possession by Byatt even before you read The Children’s Book. It is beautiful.

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