Date Archives April 2009

Read more often than you write

Came across some good back-to-basics writing advice over on How Publishing Really Works. The bottom line: Just write every day, and read more often than you write, and your writing will improve. I am a keen reader, but sometimes when faced with the competing pressures of finishing a manuscript, paying the rent and occasionally having a social life, reading can… Read More

Reviewed in the Daily Mail

My first review in a national newspaper! Victoria Moore reviewed On the Holloway Road in the Daily Mail. It’s only a short review, along with two other debut novels, but I like what she wrote. Here’s an excerpt: There are echoes of Jack Kerouac in this freewheeling adventure down the CCTV-ed, drizzly corridors of modern Britain. But really this, too,… Read More

Good company

Just noticed that my secondary school, Dulwich College, added news of my book to its website. Also learned from the site that some very good writers went to Dulwich: Raymond Chandler, PG Wodehouse, CS Forester, Graham Swift and Michael Ondaatje among others.  If I can be as good as them one day, and be included on that page with them… Read More

“Anarchy” by Errico Malatesta

With the G20 protests engulfing London this week, and anarchy briefly replacing terror as the bogeyman du jour, I thought it would be a good time to take a look at what anarchism is really all about, according to Errico Malatesta, a leading anarchist thinker of the late 19th and early 20th century. Anarchy is a slim book, just 54… Read More