My book is a bestseller*

prosperos-best-sellers-list* in Crouch End.

Hey, it may not be the New York Times bestseller list, but it made me proud when I walked past my local bookshop, Prospero’s Books, and saw my book at #4 on the Bestsellers Chart.

I even asked someone to take a photo. Come on, it’s probably the last time in my life that I will see my name next to Barack Obama’s 🙂

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  1. And so it should be #4 – Just found the time to finish reading it myself and was really impressed! I know I’m not the quickest or enthusiastic reader in the world, but I surprised myself when I HAD to read half the book last night.



  2. Thoughtful lot at your local bookshop, most places would have some self help and a recent thriller.

    Anyway, congratulations, you must be thrilled, and rightly so.

    Next week, to number three! Really, who wants to read a politician’s book anyway. They’re always written with a view to gaining votes. And Alfred and Emily never tempted me, I fear though Aravind Adiga will be at the top for a bit yet…

  3. Thanks everyone! You’re right, Max – it is a good bookshop. I think being small and unable to compete on price, they try to distinguish themselves by stocking and recommending good, thought-provoking books (and also ones by local authors!). The best-seller list there is always very different from the one at WH Smith.

    To be fair to Dreams from my Father, it’s not the typical politician’s book, since it was written back in 1995 before his serious political career started. It’s a good, honest read. But I’d still love to knock it off that number three spot 🙂

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