Happy July 4th!

As Americans celebrate their Independence Day tomorrow by grilling dead animals and hoisting flags, I have a proposal to make for the rest of the world: let’s declare our independence from America.

So many people are doing it already – the new left-wing leaders of South America are paying off their debts to the Washington-controlled IMF and World Bank and creating their own Banco del Sur so that they may finally control their own economies rather than seeing them destroyed by the prescriptions of American economists. Europe is finally shaking off the illusions of the post-World War Two, Cold War era and realising that the United States is the biggest threat to world stability and viability today. The Middle East is doing its best to pry itself out from under Uncle Sam’s boot and that of it’s Israeli proxy, at the cost of rivers of blood. Africans are challenging the unfair trade rules that see rich US farmers paid $10 billion a year in subsidies so that they can flood African markets with cheap goods and destroy local producers. Asian governments are quietly buying up hundreds of billions of dollars of Treasury bonds, giving them the power literally to pull the plug on the USA should they choose to do so. Only the UK is still clinging to America’s coat-strings, and will probably keep doing so right to the end, a fitting fate for the nation that inflicted this cancerous sore on the world in the first place.

The “family jewels” released by the CIA last week document only a fraction of the damage done by the United States in its half-century of global hegemony. Wars started, democracies toppled, dictators installed, countless millions of lives lost, hopes dashed, futures blunted, economies irreparably damaged, environments ravaged. The world can’t take much more of it. So let’s celebrate July 4th by saying “Enough!” Let’s declare our independence from America once and for all. Happy July 4th!

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