Happy Bank Holiday!

Why, exactly, does it have to rain every Bank Holiday Monday?
Personally, I blame the name. Bank Holiday. I mean, who names a public holiday after a bank? Do banks have any good connotations for anybody? I’m surprised we don’t get hit with a £29 service charge every Bank Holiday.
Why don’t we just do like the rest of the world and call it a public holiday?
Actually, while we’re at it, perhaps we could dispense with the religious roots as well – after all there’s nothing very holy about a day off work.

So my proposal is: “Day of Transient Freedom from Capitalist Wage-Slavery.”

Do you think that would catch on?

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There are 2 comments

  1. “Day of Transient Freedom from Capitalist Wage-Slavery.”

    Yip. That rolls right off the tongue!

    Thanks for posting details of that book, by the way.

    And if it’s any consolation it’s a sunny autumn day here in Aotearoa 🙂

  2. Good, I’ve got one person signed up. Only 5,999,999,999 more to go.

    No problem about the book. Hope your murder is going well, so to speak.

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