Land Day

Apparently it was Palestinian Land Day a few weeks ago. Palestinian blogger LamaK has a very poignant take on it, pointing out how close Land Day is to April Fool’s Day.

on the 31st you celebrate the Lands day, to remember how your country (or palestine in case your not Palestinian), has been ravaged as a land, stolen as a country, confiscated as an identity, so you celebrate the day, as away to say NO, to say i do NOT accept, i will NOT surrender…Then on the 1st of april, you celebrate Aprils Fool, to remember that not everythinbg is for real, that sometimes its ok to lie, that we always say things that we dont mean…intentionally, that life isnt always true to us, that sometimes saying a lie is not that bad, but actually funny, and traps the person in a state of laughter, at least for a couple of minutes.Suggestion: make the two days into one, this way, its more meaningful !!!

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