I almost agreed with David Cameron!

I had a real shock just now. Read a BBC News story about David Cameron talking shit, and actually found myself agreeing with part of it. (Well, at first I admit I was distracted by wondering how the man’s forehead could be so huge, but then I focused and found myself agreeing.)
His basic point was that ASBOs are not working, and that an improvement in behaviour will come from allowing people more responsibility to control their own lives.
So far, so good. I actually agreed with David Cameron! But then I thought to myself, what does this man mean by responsiblity? Does he believe in giving more power to local communities to run their own affairs? No. More importantly, will he deal with the economic disenfranchisement of millions of young people that is behind almost all anti-social behaviour? Hell no, if it means shaving a penny off corporate profits. Will he actually make a concerted effort to reach out to people on the margins of society and give them a reason not to go out and stab someone? Not on your fucking life.
More likely, I think, “responsiblity” to him means forcing more people off welfare and into low-wage, dead-end jobs so that they at least fuel the economy for a few years before they get too fucked up and are thrown on the scrap heap. In other words, another recycling of the “compassionate conservatism” that we’ve heard somewhere before.
So you needn’t worry about me. I saw through it. David Cameron is still a twat, and he has a big shiny forehead as well.

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  1. WREEEY i hate that twat he trys to “look like the flower,” but is most definately “the snake under it ” i hate this shit stirer hes trying to make running the country harder than it already is for the government and that just fuks up what we get from them in our lifes. hes the king of spin far more than blair ever was. i ahte the fact that hes in parliment let alone head of the second most powerful political party in our country.

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