Good on you, Hugh!

It’s not often that I support violence, but in this case I completely support Hugh Grant, who is in trouble for throwing a tub of food at a photographer.

I mean, seriously, how many photos of celebrities leaving their houses do we really need? Is it necessary to put these people through hell just so that the newspapers and gossip mags can have a few more non-stories to fill the gaping void for the 53 pages between the attention-grabbing front-page piece and the sport on the back page? And is it necessary to prosecute a prissy celebrity for losing his temper with a photographer who I am sure was intruding on his privacy?

I know there are people in the world with far bigger problems than a pampered film star, but this just really pissed me off for some reason. It’s all so unnecessary. I think there should be a special law allowing people to kick the shit out of the paparazzi without fear of arrest.

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