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Food crisis

Wonderful article in the December New Internationalist about the global food crisis. As the magazine points out, we hear a lot about the financial crisis, but comparatively little about the food crisis which pushed 100 million people into situations of life-threatening malnutrition last year. What makes it worse was that at the height of the food crisis, Cargill, the world’s largest grain trader, was making $471,000 in profit every hour from its grain trading operations. Also, one of the reasons why people in poor countries were so vulnerable was the… Read More

Heal Thyself

If, like me, you’re a meat-eater, you NEED to watch the video over at The Heathlander. Personally I love a bacon sandwich. But I am becoming more and more incapable of reconciling that with the way animals are treated. I need to be morally consistent in my life, but so often I fail when it comes down to it. I’ve cut back massively, I only buy organic meat, but I’m becoming convinced that it’s not enough. Watching a video like that certainly pushes me closer to all-out vegetarianism.