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Let’s confirm nearer the time

Technology was supposed to simplify our lives, wasn’t it? In so many ways it does, of course, but then we seem to feel the need to complicate things again, as if to compensate. Here’s an example: arranging to meet up with a friend. What used to be accomplished in a single phone call now takes five calls, seventeen texts and a barrage of emails. Because we have the tools in our hands, we feel the need to use them. I’ll illustrate what I mean with a quick case study. Let… Read More

Progress in Microsoft world

In most areas of technology, things have changed quite significantly since the year 2000.  Look at the latest iPod next to an early MP3 player, for example. Or websites whizzing with Flash and Java and Ajax and all that, next to a basic HTML site designed for a 56k AOL dial-up connection. In my own life, the year 2000 seems ages ago – I was a corporate banker then, working on Wall Street and day-trading dot-com stocks in my spare time. Since then I’ve been a graduate student, a journalist… Read More