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The end of TINA

Yesterday, I experienced something entirely new. I finally learnt what it felt like to celebrate an election result. To be honest, I’d given up hope of ever having this experience. I thought my politics were simply too far to the left, and I would never find a candidate to cheer. I could certainly never muster any enthusiasm for Tony Blair’s victories. The fact that he was elected again after the criminal disaster of the Iraq war is something I’ll never understand, but long before that, it was clear that he… Read More

Marxism 2007: Day Five (Monday)

OK, Day Five has been hanging over me throughout a very busy week, so rather than waiting for the right time I’m going to write about it now, while I still have a million other more pressing things to do. First up was “A history of rebel art from Dada to Banksy“. I only went to part one, which took me up to 1960, but it was a very interesting discussion, led by Esther Leslie of Birkbeck College. She argued that all art is rebellious in some way because it… Read More

If it’s good enough for Einstein…

It’s funny how conservatives always complain about left-wing thought dominating academia. They set up absurd organisations like Campus Watch dedicated to rooting out liberal bias, and hound anyone who dares to criticise capitalism, the government or the status quo in general. Could it be that there is in fact no “sinister” conspiracy to subvert our youth? Could it be, in fact, that intelligent people – people who teach at university level – are drawn to socialism/liberalism/leftist ideology because it makes sense? Could it be that these same intelligent folk reject… Read More