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Library cuts

I love libraries. Always have. I could spend all day in a library, working my way through the stock. I even love the weird library smell (what is that? It’s not the smell of books, because bookshops don’t smell like that). So I was upset to see my local library in Crouch End, London borough of Haringey, featured in a Socialist Worker article about library cuts. Here’s an anonymous Haringey librarian quoted in the piece: “It’s about deskilling – getting rid of professional librarians. I think this is preparing the… Read More

Suing the poor

As if botching a water project in one of the world’s poorest countries weren’t bad enough, UK company Biwater is now taking the Tanzanian government to court for cancelling its contract. Here are a few things that make me want to hand in my British passport right now: 1. Water privatisation was imposed on Tanzania as a condition of debt relief.2. Biwater has opposed the tribunal taking place “on African soil.”3. Before the original contract was signed, the British government gave British consultancy Adam Smith International £273,000 of UK taxpayers’… Read More