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British election: Obama vs. Obama vs. Obama

So we finally have a date for the General Election. Gordon Brown met with the Queen the other day and asked her to dissolve Parliament for an election on 6th May. Since the date was announced, all three parties have swung into action, and it’s amazing that all three leaders sound exactly like Barack Obama. Hope and change are high on the agenda. The Conservative slogan is “Vote for change”, while the Liberal Democrats have gone for “Change that works for you”. In a speech recently, Conservative leader David Cameron… Read More


I am staying up to watch the US election results. It probably won’t be decided until 4 or 5am UK time, but I wouldn’t miss it. The early results are good. I’m not optimistic that Obama will bring great changes – even if he really wanted to, the system would make it very difficult. I doubt he will seriously address the basic problem of growing economic inequality. But still, it’s important to me to see Americans voting for something good for a change. After 9/11, when I lived there, fear… Read More