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I’m not that important

In my recent month-long break from the internet, I learned a few things. It’s easy to let constant connectivity delude you into thinking that you really need to be in touch with the world all the time. After all, new emails come in every hour, new tweets and blog comments pile up, all demanding a response. But what I learned in taking a break from it all was that I’m really not that important. When I came back to check my email for the first time in a month, of… Read More

I’m back!

Just got back from my trip around the Caribbean and my month away from the internet. It was a wonderful break, and I feel so much better now. I don’t even know where to begin telling you all about the things we did and the people we met and the places we saw. It would be a very long post, and right now that seems intimidating. So to get me back into the swing of things, I’m writing this very short post instead. As I get back into the habit… Read More

How not to check email

I use Gmail for my personal email, and recently installed a new feature called “Priority Inbox”, which automatically sorts out your important email and puts it at the top of your screen, while leaving the less important stuff lower down. Great! I always seem to be drowning in email, so this seemed like a good way to sort out the problem. Trouble is, after I installed it, my inbox was upside-down. All the important stuff was stuck down at the bottom, while the forwarded jokes and cat photos were all… Read More