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German Literature Month readalong, Effi Briest – part 3

So it’s week 3 of German Literature Month, organised by Lizzie and Caroline. We’re reading Effi Briest by Theodor Fontane. Why do you think Effi kept Crampas’s letters? I found it a little implausible at the time, because it was such a huge risk for her to take, and she must have known what the consequences would be if Innstetten found them. But I can see that the affair meant a lot to Effi, even though I don’t think she had very deep feelings for Crampas himself. Innstetten is emotionally… Read More

German literature month readalong – part 2

It’s the second week of the Effi Briest readalong, hosted by Lizzy and Caroline as part of German Literature Month. Here are Caroline’s questions and my answers. What strikes you most in this novel, what do like or dislike the most? One thing I like about the novel is the gradual building of tension through little details. Everything is pointing in a certain direction and building a sense of inevitable disaster. This is not a novel that relies on twists and turns in the plot – the enjoyment comes from… Read More

German Literature Month readalong – part 1

I am participating in the readalong of Theodore Fontaine’s Effi Briest as part of German Literature Month. Here are my reactions to the first 15 chapters. Questions posed by Lizzy. Q1: Welcome to the 1st German Literature Month Readalong!  Had you heard of Theodor Fontane and Effi Briest before now?  What enticed you to readalong with us?  This is my first readalong; normally I’m not much of a group joiner, and prefer to read what I want when I want. But I enjoy the blogs of the two organisers Caroline and Lizzy, so thought… Read More