thinking man

The Things I Care About

What do you really care about? I asked myself that question recently, and I was surprised¬†by the results. Firstly, it seems that I care about quite a lot of things. And secondly,¬†although I care about[…]

Marxism 2007: Day Four (Sunday)

“Cuba after Castro” was a great talk, with one small problem: it wasn’t about Cuba after Castro. The speaker, Mike Gonzalez, focused most of his talk on Cuba under Castro, and spent only the last[…]

Shorthand thinking

Newspapers face a fundamental design problem. They need to put headlines in huge, bold letters to grab the attention of would-be readers, and yet they have very narrow columns. The solution is to abbreviate remorselessly,[…]


Can I bring myself to write about Tony Blair’s long-overdue departure? Do I have the energy? The interest? Barely. I’m certainly not going to go into a long, earnest assessment of the pros and cons[…]